Chanel bags from Vault 55, specializing in authentic preloved designer handbags. Photos by Les Petits Bijoux Photography.

What’s in Sophia Graves’ bag?

What’s in your purse says a lot about you. Mothers have diapers and wipes. Grandmas have butterscotch. And college kids have tequila shooters. For some, a purse is a bottomless pit of miscellaneous items. For others, it’s a must-have bag carrying tried and true favorite items you can’t leave home without.

We caught up with our holiday style shoot model, Sophia Graves, to see what she keeps in her purse from day to day. Here are her top five picks for her purse in no particular order.

1. Hourglass Phantom Glossy Lip in Slip

“It’s the best lip gloss/stick ever! Everyone needs it.”

Available at Sephora.

2. Digital Camera

“You never know when you’ll want to capture a fun moment! It’s small so I can fit it in basically any purse and have it on hand for impromptu pics with friends and family.”

3. Snacks

“Self explanatory. I get hungry, so I keep my favorite mini snacks on me at all times: Lesser Evil Popcorn, mini Snickers, chocolate chip granola bar, etc.”

4. Travel-size perfume

“My favorite at the moment is Eyes on Me by Miu Miu. It smells heavenly.”

5. Sunglasses

“For sunny days but also to dress up an outfit or make it a different vibe. Fun, colorful sunglasses can make a look so unique.”