Trending: Eclectic grandpa style

Believe it or not, we are taking notes on our grandpa’s style. One of the newest (and more controversial) trends for 2024 has been dubbed “eclectic grandpa.” It may sound unappealing, but when done right, it looks cool and even chic. We promise.

We did our research to find boutiques in Baton Rouge that are stocked with items that embody this trend. The eclectic grandpa style is a unique pairing of items like blazers, loafers, vests, sneakers, sweaters, knits and more. Of course, the trend also leans into pieces that feel vintage or retro and leans away from super feminine looks. Similar to the quiet luxury trend, one of the main elements is creating a capsule collection of high-quality pieces that will last for decades. Because doesn’t everyone’s grandfather actively participate in outfit repeating?