Silver is a sprint style staple this year seen in these silver slingback high heel shoes silver pendant earrings and long chain silver necklace with a silver bangle bracelet
Silver is here to stay. L'agence silver buckle heels and silver jewelry found at Edit by LBP. Photos courtesy Edit by LBP.

From suiting to touches of straw, these are the spring style trends we can’t wait to wear

Punxsutawney Phil says an early spring is headed our way, which means it’s time to start prepping your warm-weather wardrobe. According to Lauren Pollard, owner of local boutique Edit by LBP, investing in these pieces earlier gives you a longer wear time throughout the year.

“My favorite pieces are the ones I buy in earlier seasons,” she explains. “True fashion lovers know what I’m talking about, like when you purchase a sweater in July, but everyone is envious of it come October.”

With that fashion foresight, Pollard is taking us through the top trends she’s predicting for spring, so we can make an educated investment. Keep scrolling to get the breakdown of each trend.


“While power suiting is usually thought of for fall and winter, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon but just being replaced with warm-weather hues,” Pollard notes. “Vests will be all the rage this spring, and it’s the number one piece I’d recommend, whether in the classic three-piece suiting fabric or even a knit style, you really can’t go wrong. The same can be said for fluid, relaxed-leg pants like the trousers found in power suits. They’ll also keep you cooler than a skinny pant would in our extreme heat.”

Brunette woman in a pale pink spring style pants suit with gold buttons being photographed
Photo courtesy Veronica Beard.


“Similarly to power suiting, the silver trend is here to stay,” Pollard says. “We first saw it back in the fall, but silver will definitely still be the metal of choice for springtime. It’s especially popular when it comes to accessorizing, whether that be bags, shoes or jewelry.”

Photo courtesy Edit by LBP.


“The straw trend is one we typically see every summer, but it’s always thought of as beachy. That is no longer the case,” Pollard notes. “Straw-style accessories will be in full force for the spring, and can also carry you through the summertime.”

Photo courtesy Edit by LBP.


“It’s important to note that while sneakers have been trending for a while, the ones trending right now are much more basic than before,” Pollard says. “We’re no longer seeing the loud prints and colors, but a more toned down and neutral feel, similarly to clothing trends.”

three pairs of neutral sneakers that are essential spring style staples for 2024
Photo courtesy Edit by LBP.