This kitchen remodel by Acosta Construction, in collaboration with designer Karen Giffel, features a completely new layout with a relocated fridge, larger centered island, pantry cabinet instead of closet and updated cabinets, flooring, lighting and fixtures. The entire space is more functional and appears lighter and brighter.

What to consider before creating a home renovation budget

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Creating a home renovation budget can be confusing and even daunting. That’s why it’s important to partner with professionals who can guide you through every step of the process. Over the past eight years, Acosta Construction has built a solid reputation of high-quality construction, timeliness on the job site and clear communication with clients. The company specializes in home renovations and can help you transform your living spaces so you continue to love your home for years to come. The husband-and-wife team of Alex and Jennifer Acosta offer some guidance below to help you with determining a renovation budget. Here’s what you should know:

An image of the kitchen before it was remodeled by Acosta Construction.

Is this your forever home? Acosta Construction offers a personalized, one-on-one session with each prospective client to gather information before creating a budget. At the top of the list is how long you intend to live in your home. For someone’s forever home, they may decide to install fixtures specific to their tastes or go with higher-end materials without the intention of getting a return on their investment. It’s more important that they enjoy the features rather than recoup the money spent. Another consideration is adding features that will be useful to the client as they age in the home.

Or do you plan to sell in less than 5 years? On the other hand, if the client plans to sell the home in a few years, that client might consider a cosmetic remodel rather than a complete gut job. Think new countertops, cabinets and paint rather than taking down walls or relocating plumbing. The team will also guide the client toward more timeless, rather than trendy, choices that will appeal to a broad array of buyers when the time comes to sell.

Alex and Jennifer Acosta

The value of your home. It’s also important to consider your home’s current value, as well as what the value will be after the renovation. This is key to getting a solid return on investment. As a licensed realtor, Jennifer Acosta can help with compiling reliable numbers to help with decision making.

Your home’s equity. Depending on how long ago you purchased your home, you may have a considerable amount of equity. In some cases, the client may choose to proceed with desired renovations regardless of whether they can expect to see a sizeable return on investment, if they have a large amount of home equity. This can also open up additional financing options if the homeowner intends to finance some or all of the renovation costs.

Your home’s location. When considering the type of materials for a renovation, it’s important to consider the home’s location. It wouldn’t be recommended to install vinyl plank flooring in a home located in an historic district, especially if other homes in the neighborhood have original refinished hardwoods. The same applies for homes built during specific time periods. The Acosta Construction team can guide you toward renovations that keep the style of the home and those period details intact.

What sets Acosta Construction apart:

A detailed plan. After an initial consultation, Acosta Construction provides each client with an itemized written estimate. Since the company works with an in-house crew, the standard timeline for a renovation project is six to eight weeks. Acosta Construction also provides a 3-D rendering so the client can visualize the project before any work is done.

Karen Giffel

Relationships with others. Acosta Construction offers free interior design consultations of three to five hours. They can also recommend a designer for more in-depth needs, and they will work with any designer if a client has an existing relationship. The Acostas have a wonderful working relationship with design pro Karen Giffel of Karen Giffel Interior Design and she says her goal is to take the stress of design decisions off of both the contractor and the client. Working with a designer can make the design process simple and easy, and it allows Alex Acosta to concentrate on keeping his budget and timeline, she says.

Acosta Construction is led by Alex Acosta, a licensed residential builder since 2016, and Jennifer Acosta, who has a background in real estate and interior design. For more information, visit online at