Tips for good behavior at a theatre or concert hall [Sponsored]

Sponsored by Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra


Whether you’re completely new to orchestra or have been a patron for years, an evening at the symphony is for everyone. In the hands of a great composer, orchestral music is the equivalent of a piece of architecture or a painting—an apex of human creativity.

For 75 years, the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra has been enriching the Greater Baton Rouge community. BRSO brings astonishing guest artists and incredible local talent to the stage. Founded in 1947, BRSO is the oldest performing arts institution in the region and the oldest professional orchestra in the state. The Baton Rouge Symphony reaches more than 7,000 community members per year through outreach programs and is committed to quality orchestral performance in our city and region.  Its partner programs include the Symphony League, Symphony Chorus, and Louisiana Youth Orchestras.

Enjoy the show: Brush up on your etiquette


Dress for the occasion but be comfortable.

There is no official dress code. Some people enjoy dressing up and making a special night of it, while others prefer to dress more laid back. Nowadays, requirements have loosened to encourage “creative black tie,” which seems to invite colorful dinner jackets and more festive garb. At most events, you’ll see people wearing everything from jeans and T-shirts to suits. Generally speaking, the only tuxes you’ll see are on stage. Anything that makes you feel comfortable is appropriate.


If you’re tardy to the party, arrive gracefully.

While the best approach is to treat the show as an important appointment, arrive suitably in advance since things do happen; dinner runs long, traffic and other obstacles can arise. Latecomers will be seated between works so as not to disturb other listeners. Your usher will alert you as soon as it is possible to be seated.


Put away your devices.

Notifications, ringtones and the glow from screens are extremely disruptive. Don’t count on turning down the volume or putting it on vibrate. Play it safe and turn off your phone entirely. Allow yourself to be present to concentrate fully on what is happening on the stage without technological distractions. BRSO encourages you to share your experiences on social media, just please wait until after the show or during intermission.