The Good Stuff: Welcome Body Sculpt Barre Studio, sponsored by Perkins Rowe

Body Sculpt isn’t your typical workout. They use the best of fitness avenues and latest trends to merge with their signature brand. Because their barre brand is centered around strength, balance, lengthening, cardio, and endurance, they have merged top fitness training tools with it. Some of their classes include Barre Beats (barre combined with cardio burst of the POUND Fit workout), Barre Brawls (barre combined with boxing/kickboxing cardio and strength intervals), Barre Bells (barre combined with circuits and HIIT-style kettle bell training), Barrelates (barre combined with pilates equipment), BarreX (barre combined with the strength elements of TRX and suspension pilates training), and LIIT Barre (barre combined with lighter Intensity cardio intervals). Book a class now!