The Good Stuff: Answering life’s “what ifs,” sponsored by Capital South Wealth Management

A large part of our job is helping our clients prepare for the “what ifs” in life. Some of the most financially straining are more common than you may expect.

  • What if a parent or adult child needs financial support? 32% of adult Americans have provided financial support to an elderly parent and 20% of adult children over 30 require financial assistance from their parents.
  • What if I or my spouse needs long-term care? According to Genworth, the average cost of private long-term care in Baton Rouge is $71,175 annually. A 65-year-old American has a 70% percent chance of needing some form of long-term care.
  • What if I or my spouse incurs a long-term disability? It is estimated that one in eight workers will suffer from a long-term disability during their lifetime.

Life’s “what ifs” can be costly, but we are here to help you prepare. Please contact us if you need help answering life’s “what ifs.”