Termite season upon us; protect your home from Spring swarms

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Like clockwork, termite season is arriving, and these pests are looking for a place to occupy. Homeowners can expect swarms beginning with April and swarming into May.  Louisiana is always ripe for termites thanks to already heavily landscaped swamp areas and the nature of the wet atmosphere. Now is the time to make sure your property is protected and that your termite and pest control plan is in place.

“Most people in south Louisiana know that our climate contributes to a variety of pest control challenges, and termite services are critical for local property protection,” says Robert Lewis John III, chief operating officer of J&J Exterminating. “As one of the first pest-control companies in Louisiana to offer the Sentricon product, J&J Exterminating is prepared and experienced to fight the termites that cause millions of dollars in damage each year in our state alone.”

Pictured left to right are Robert John Jr., Robert “Mr. Bobby” John Sr. and Robert Lewis John III.

Hot and humid summer months of June through September are also particularly ripe for mosquitoes. J&J Exterminating offers one-time event sprays for outdoor parties and receptions, as well as ongoing maintenance-control programs so people can enjoy their outdoor space. Along with termites and mosquitoes, J&J battles a variety of additional pests, including bed bugs, fleas, flies, beetles, moths and rodents.

Additionally, the company offers the progressive, EPA-approved T.A.P. or Total Acoustical Pest control insulation. TAP is a permanent pest solution which also helps save money on energy costs and insulates your home against unwanted outside noises.

From humble beginnings in Crowley, Louisiana, and for 63 years, J&J Exterminating is now the largest state-wide exterminating company that is three generations of “Louisiana Strong” family-owned and operated. Request a FREE inspection and estimate to create a custom treatment plan from an experienced, professional technician. To learn more go to  jjext.com or call 1.800.737.2847 today.