[Sponsored] Get it together: Improve your life with free organization help

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A chaotic and cluttered home often leads to a chaotic and cluttered mind. Few things feel better than purging the old stuff and habits to make you feel lighter, more free and ultimately happier. Simplifying your home spills over into your entire life.


You don’t have to go it alone—the East Baton Rouge Parish Library is offering free decluttering support. Join Certified Professional Organizer Alyssa Trosclair as she discusses organizing methods to help you tackle your clutter and get it together. As Louisiana’s first certified professional organizer, Trosclair’s focus goes beyond making your house look neat and clean. She helps you identify why the disorganization is happening and guides you through a five-step process to teach the organizational skills necessary to maintain order.

Mark your calendar and Get Organized with Alyssa Trosclair’s in-person series.

Registration is open, but space is limited to comply with social distancing guidelines, and registration is required to attend. Visit the Events Calendar at EBRPL.com or call (225) 231-3750 for registration assistance.

Feel better, be better:

>Learn the best method for organizing paperwork as well as ways to reduce and maintain paper to prevent paper clutter from taking over the surfaces in your home.
March 9, 2-3 PM in the Main Library’s large meeting room

>This session will address organizing physical photos, digital photos, and physical memorabilia.
March 23, 2-3 PM in the Main Library’s large meeting room

Can’t seem to find the time to do all of the things you need to do? Not enough hours in the day? Tired of wasting time and not accomplishing your “to-do” list? Learn about the roadblocks people face when managing their time and how the five step EMEND organizing method can help you organize your time and streamline your life.
April 13, 2-3 PM in the Main Library’s large meeting room

>Do you struggle with clutter?  Do you tend to procrastinate? Explore the connection between procrastination and clutter. Learn strategies to overcome procrastination and how to set up systems to make it easier to handle necessary actions in a timely manner.
April 27, 2-3 PM in the Main Library’s large meeting room

Can’t make it in person?
The Digital Library has free online resources available to help you get it together:

Gale Courses has an entire section dedicated to personal enrichment, and there is even an Idiot’s Guide ebook: Organizing Your Life.

Helpful Lynda.com courses include: