Custom storage solutions for every corner of the home

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From kitchen cabinets to closet organization to garage shelving, having the right storage spaces can make a big difference in the functionality of a home.

Andy Beadle, of Beadle Enterprises, specializes in developing storage solutions that make his customers’ lives easier. Having grown up in a family carpentry business, Beadle has years of experience and a passion for designing, building and installing custom cabinetry and closets.

A meticulous organizer himself, Beadle knows the importance of crafting products that put practicality at the forefront. He merges his creativity and expertise with clients’ preferences and workflows to come up with useful, one-of-a kind designs.

“I enjoy the math and taking something that I can see in my mind and then actually creating the pieces and parts to make it work,” he says.

There are advantages to working with a local expert like Beadle — one of which is personalized service. When helping clients design their new cabinets, shelves and other organizational items, Beadle knows what questions to ask to find the ideal solution.

“If it’s clothes, do you want to be able to see your clothes? Or do you want them all behind doors? Do you like your clothes folded or everything on hangers?” he says. “It helps to design it with those things in mind.”

The process is similar for kitchens. People tend to have preferences for where they want things like pots and pans, spices and a trash can to be located in relation to the stove and work surfaces.

“You want the design to make things seamless for them,” Beadle says.

In the case of garages, Beadle can create cabinets to house specific items such as tools. Versatility can be incorporated into the design through strategies like adjustable shelves. Lighting of the area also is key to ensure good visibility.

Beadle is well versed in the many ways to put unique touches on storage spaces. In his own home, he has sleek doors and drawers with hidden hardware.

“You touch them and they open,” he says. “There’s a lot of high-end hardware that most people don’t even know exists.”

Beadle and his team make their products locally, allowing them to use non-stock materials for their custom designs. They work with new homes under construction as well as existing homes.

Remodeling projects can pose unique challenges. Room dimensions and layouts may limit the space available for closets, cabinets and other storage options — but Beadle knows how to maximize that space to better meet customers’ needs.

For example, he recently completed a kitchen remodel for a wheelchair user who sought a combination of attractive cabinetry and easy accessibility. Another of his projects involves a panel wall with secret doors.

“If you can dream it and you know what you want,” Beadle says, “then I can make it happen.”

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