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A new therapy is helping local cancer patients and their families cope emotionally [Sponsored]

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Cancer consumes. From the first screening through exhausting treatments and beyond, it takes a toll both physically and emotionally. Recognizing the impact mental health has on our body’s ability to heal, the field of psychosocial oncology—or psycho-oncology)—has emerged. Local patients and their families are grateful to access this specialized support from Drs. Mary Kathryn Rodrigue, Katie Fetzer and their team at The Wellness Studio.

Coping with a diagnosis can be overwhelming and that cancer impacts all aspects of your life. Psycho-oncology addresses the variety of psychological, behavioral, emotional and social issues that arise for cancer patients and their loved ones. The Wellness Studio is committed to helping direct patients and caregivers receive support to ease the cancer journey.

The Wellness Studio Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, is a more comprehensive and frequent mental health program for adults battling cancer and their loved ones fighting alongside them. Drs. Rodrigue and Fetzer believe that cancer can serve as a flashlight, shining light into our dark corners and helping us to move safely beyond. This program helps people to navigate the reactions and relationship changes that accompany a diagnosis.

As Louisiana’s first IOP to offer psycho-oncology mental health care, the Wellness Studio IOP team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of practitioners—including a medical doctor, and masters and doctoral level mental health professionals—with a wide range of experience, training, and specialty certifications to meet the needs of our diverse community. The IOP team also includes cancer survivors and survived widows.

Take a tour through some of the incredible spaces at the Wellness Studio.

Founded by Drs. Mary Kathryn Rodrigue and Katie Fetzer, the Wellness Studio’s locations were meticulously designed to create comfortable spaces for people of all ages to process their difficult experiences. These passionate founders spent the first part of their careers working in hospital settings, gaining clinical experience in the areas of psycho-oncology/grief and crisis/trauma, respectively. They agreed that a sterile office setting just wasn’t conducive to the healing process, so they set out to create something entirely different. The Wellness Studio was established in 2012, with its first location in Baton Rouge. In 2014, the Covington office was opened, with a pilot New Orleans location to soon follow and serve a larger population in Southeast Louisiana.

If you or a loved one is interested in the Wellness Studio’s Intensive Outpatient Program, email [email protected] or call the office at 225-448-3359.

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