Line therapists at Behavioral Intervention Group make magic happen every day [Sponsored]

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Magic is happening every day within the classrooms of Behavioral Intervention Group (BIG), and the line therapists who work one-on-one with their children play a large role in each child’s success.

BIG’s learning center in Baton Rouge provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, a scientifically proven method for treating autism. BIG’s program is an intensive, full day, Monday through Friday, program that maximizes learning opportunities because of its 1 to 1 child-therapist ratio. BIG’s program includes progress reports, parent conferences, parent training services and more.

The children learn in classrooms grouped by age and utilize typically developing peer models. Line therapists are trained by a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), to provide the services a child might need to help that child improve their communication, play, speech, language, motor, and classroom readiness skills among others. The BCBA remains in the classroom throughout each day and gives support on a moment-to-moment basis.

First and foremost, the line therapist is given time to establish rapport with a child. “One child might enjoy being tickled whereas another child may prefer bubbles,” says BIG Executive Director Cassie Bradford. “Once we know what really makes that particular child excited, now we can use those things to teach them.”

As for a child’s treatment plan, for some children, the initial focus might be on teaching them to say their first words or how to imitate, while for others, it might be to teach them to play appropriately or follow instructions during a group activity. Once a child acquires a skill, BIG is ready to step up their program to include the next priority goal.

“Our line therapist position truly is a special one,” says Bradford. Although the position can be challenging at times, it is also filled with so much play and joy. You’re hearing first words and you’re seeing first initiations of play. “The best part of the job is that you are there to witness some incredible milestones in the child’s life,” she says of BIG’s line therapists.

A typical line therapist at BIG is someone who has a college degree, although they may be unsure about their specific career plans, has experience working with children such as being a camp counselor, babysitter or nanny and truly loves interacting with children. Line therapists work at their own pace through a pipeline that takes them from an entry level position learning what ABA is, to knowing how to make it a career as a BCBA. For more information, visit or call BIG at 225.757.8002.