Life after 55: You may be surprised how comfortable retirement can be [Sponsored]

Sponsored by Southside Gardens Retirement Center and Assisted Living LLC


When you first moved into your neighborhood, perhaps you were a young couple with small children. Those little tykes have since grown up and had children of their own. At the same time, you may be starting to notice, that neighbors your  age seem to be dwindling. Now that so many of your neighbors are young couples with babies like you once were, you don’t get to socialize as much as you wish you could What do you do to connect? 

These days, people over 55 are realizing that retirement can be everything they hoped and more.

For many, retirement can mean living independently and simplifying your everyday responsibilities. When you own a home, activities like mowing the lawn, tending to flowerbeds, doing laundry and cleaning the house are par for the course. The older we get, the more difficult these chores become. 

When one spouse dies, the other is left to figure out how to take care of those household responsibilities that once belonged to their partner. 

Many men feel lost when their wife had always taken care of the traditional cooking, cleaning and general homemaking duties. Many women suddenly find themselves figuring out minor repairs, lawn care and general home maintenance. 

An independent living community is the perfect solution.

Southside Gardens ground floor garden homes.

These communities are designed with those over the age of 55 in mind, with comfortable, cared-for homes to easy-access services to engaging activities and events that build connections and friendships. In Baton Rouge, Southside Gardens Retirement Center has made retirement a dream come true for retirees. All of its independent living garden apartments are situated on five beautifully landscaped acres located on the ground floor, each with its own porch and fully equipped kitchen. In addition, residents have a swimming pool with water aerobics during the summer, and exercise classes year-round.

Located in the heart of the city, with easy access from Interstate 10, convenient shopping and wonderful restaurants nearby, the community has everything its residents need.

Get the amenities and the lifestyle you deserve.

When it’s time to retire, be sure you check all the boxes. All of Southside Gardens’ plans include the following services:

—Onsite management
—24-hour Courtesy Officer at the front desk
—Two home-cooked meals every day—breakfast and lunch—with an optional third meal
—Weekly light housekeeping
—Activity Director who plans activities and recreation
—Professional maintenance services for homes and grounds
—Group transportation to shopping, theater, restaurants, . with on-demand transportation to medical appointments available.

But how do you pay for it?

Southside Gardens’ community pool

Have the conversation now. Whether you are the one retiring or if you are a caregiver to an elder, the cost of retirement is rarely considered until it’s too late and decisions are rushed. Take the time to consider all the factors like overall monthly budget, location, current and future care needed, amenities and the  “feeling” of a community. Whether in a community or at home, care can be covered by a variety of income sources. Social Security, Disability or Veteran benefits; Medicare or  Medicaid (if eligible); long-term care insurance; and pensions, savings and investment accounts can all be accessed to help cover the cost of care. It’s important to take all of these into account when determining your monthly budget.

At Southside Gardens Independent Community, there is no “buy-in fee” so there is no long term financial commitment. In other words, you’re able to manage your own hard-earned money and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. Some communities will offer just one level of care, but others like Southside Gardens offer multiple or even all levels. It’s important to assess not only the current needs, but also plan for the future to allow you or your loved one to age in place.

Independent or assisted?

Independent Living is designed for residents 55+ who are looking for amenities and social activities. Independent living communities are typically geared toward seniors who don’t require regular medical or nursing care or assistance with daily living activities. Assisted Living provides a combination of housing, amenities, personal and health care options and assistance with normal daily activities.

Southside Gardens Assisted Living Center provides for every resident’s individualized needs, focusing on maintaining the resident’s independence to enrich their personal lives and to allow for changes in their health as time goes on. See for yourself. Click here to schedule a tour.