Dive in: 50 shades of green, sponsored by Elevation Pools

Take a dive with us into the progression of green hues in a neglected pool.

Mint green: The water is cloudy with a chance of pH problems ahead if you neglected to add extra chlorine to your pool.
Shamrock green: This vibrant hue is attributed to the organic growth that has overtaken the pH of your pool after 48 hours if left unattended. You can no longer see the bottom of your pool so if you drop anything in, it belongs to the leprechauns.
Olive green: After a week of neglect, homeowners must make a decision. Add chlorine by the buckets in hopes of clearing the water. Or add equal parts vodka and vermouth by the thousands. With 40,000 gallons of martinis in your backyard, you’re still the most popular person in the neighborhood!

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