Merry, Bright and Get Your Mind Right: Declutter your brain, sponsored by Refinery Counseling Center

Decorations, gifts, gift wrap, parties, meals, guests…our homes can get chaotic during the holiday season. Did you know that much like a cluttered space, your mind can become cluttered as well? Here, the experts at Refinery Counseling Center share a few ways to de-clutter your mind so you can enjoy the holiday season:

  1. Organize your space: Our environments have a direct impact on our mental health. If you want to feel more settled, take a look around your home and/or office.
  2. Utilize your systems: Our brains crave order and structure, so finding some simple routines during the season can help decrease stress. Whether it’s following a daily rhythm, time-blocking your errands, or even some simple meal-prepping, there are many simple ways to better structure your days.
  3. Practice the skill of “brain dumping”: Brain dumping is a simple journaling strategy where you set a timer for 3-5 minutes and jot down everything that comes to mind. This can help you get all of your thoughts on paper, so you can then organize and prioritize them.

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