5 tips to make traveling with back pain more bearable [Sponsored]

Sponsored by The Spine Center of Baton Rouge


Spring is here and people are excited to start traveling again. Unfortunately for many, back pain can severely affect travel plans and put a damper on the fun. The Spine Center of Baton Rouge shares a few ways to plan ahead and ease the pain when you hit the road.

1. Stretch your body.

When you are traveling, try to stretch at least once a day, whether in the morning or at night. The more you stretch, the less you’ll have to suffer when traveling.

2. Timing is everything. 

When you book your flight, think about the type of schedule that will be the least stressful. Consider taking a flight at off-peak times to avoid long lines and periods of standing such as check-in and airport security. Don’t schedule a flight that will require you to wake up extremely early or be up all night.

3. Be strategic with seating

In coach, exit rows have more leg room, so aim for an aisle seat. You won’t have to climb over people and it’s easier to stand and stretch, or take a quick stroll.

4. Ask for a ride. 

Even if you don’t usually need one, consider it. Airports are filled with snaking lines and long walks, which can be a recipe for back pain. You can reserve a ride when you buy your ticket or just ask for one at the airport. Call TSA Cares at 855.787.2227 to learn how to get through security more comfortably and easily. They can even assign a helper. If you want someone you know to accompany you to the gate, ask your airline for a pass that allows that person through security without a ticket.

5. Bring pain medication on the flight. 

Whether you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, consider taking your pain medication one hour before your flight to give it time to get into your system. Carry your pain medications together in a clear plastic bag and keep them with you in case you need them during the flight. If you use an over-the-counter medication, you may want to bring a few extras if the flight is particularly long.

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