Reduce cellulite, shape lean muscle, and make your skin look radiant this spring [Sponsored]

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You love your body. You nourish it with healthy foods, give it rest when it needs it, exfoliate it for smooth skin, and use safer beauty products. It’s frustrating to look in the mirror and still see those orange peel dimples on your thighs or buns.

Now for the good news: You don’t have to wait for your body to catch up with your intentions.

The Covery shares three non-invasive treatments to help you speed up the results and slip into shorts with confidence.

1. Shortcut to smooth and toned: Cryoskin Cellulite Reduction

A non-invasive treatment can actually reduce body fat without anesthesia, stitches, or discomfort. Cryoskin is a new way to target stubborn fat without surgery, and it’s available in Baton Rouge at the Covery. Administered with a massage technique, you begin with heat to loosen up the fat cells. Next, the temperature decreases to -8° C to destroy the fat cells. You finish off with another heated massage to help eliminate the fat cells. The dead fat cells travel to your lymphatic drainage system to be flushed out of your body, mimicking the body’s natural process of apoptosis, or normal death of a cell. 

Cryoskin uses a wand, gliding over the trouble areas, to give you and your tech 100% control in targeting the stubborn fatty spots. The first heating portion feels like a nice warm stone massage. The cold part, when the fat cells are actually killed, can get progressively more uncomfortable as temperatures decrease, but it’s a lot more comfortable than an ice cube gliding over your skin. Typically you will see and feel some results after the first session, which is very encouraging. However, your results will be more apparent a week or two later. To learn more about Cryoskin and Cryoskin facials, visit and schedule a consultation.

2. A machine that does the reps for you: Emshape Body Contouring

EmShape is great for treating the abs, buns, arms, legs and love handles. This invigorating treatment puts your body in supramaximal contractions bu using electromagnetic energy. EmShape induces 30,000 supramaximal muscle contractions, comparable to 30,000 full crunches or squats in one session. The muscle tissue goes through a deep remodeling of its inner structure, which causes muscle building and fat burning. The fat cells die and get flushed out of your system in the standard natural ways.

This treatment is often used for: losing postpartum weight, building six packs, and lifting the buttocks.

Since it is non-invasive, there is no downtime. There might be some soreness but you’ll still be able to keep up with your work, lifestyle or sporting requirements. Schedule a consultation at the Covery, and find out if EmShape could work for you.

3. Get a metabolic boost with a lymphatic massage: Ballancer®Pro

The Ballancer®Pro takes a unique approach to weight loss and body sculpting by triggering the body’s natural processes to shed weight and excess fluid in a simple, enjoyable treatment.

This FDA-cleared technology goes way beyond other compression therapy systems. Ballancer®Pro uses its patented Pre-Therapy® cycle to deliver a preparatory massage near the core of the body. This gentle, relaxing massage drains the lymph nodes that are generally filled with fluid first, and paves the way for an enhanced circulation of lymph. As the sequence progresses, it begins the compression moving from the extremities up into the thoracic area. It helps make the body function as it should, increasing circulation and leaving skin looking firm, toned, and fresh.


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