Photo by Jacqueline Marque.

From the September issue: A love of music inspired the design of this home

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. But in this one, on more than an acre off of Bluebonnet Boulevard, food isn’t what fills the cups of its inhabitants. Rather, it’s music. At the center of its open living space, a turntable is accompanied by shelves bursting with records from legendary artists of the past and present. The Foo Fighters. Green Day. The Rolling Stones. Even Eminem. The catalogue isn’t limited to a genre. The only prerequisite is an album’s ability to inspire.

“The homeowners wanted their record collection to be in a central location so they would have easy access,” explains designer Sara Brignac of Workshop 31 Twelve, who worked with the family to personalize each space. “They love to collect things, music being one of them, but also art—local art especially.”

Just like their record collection, art of all types is displayed side by side, speaking to the depth of personality of the homeowners themselves. In the dining room, Lego creations and tiny treasures from family trips are displayed in a modern version of a curio cabinet next to a vibrant yellow painting by Joseph Bradley titled “Finches.” In the living room, stained glass picked up at vintage stores over the years gives unexpected contrast next to an abstract work by Lisa di Stefano. And while a balance is always found, Brignac notes that the walls, surfaces and even furniture never stay the same way for long.

“Every time I would come by, they would have new pieces to incorporate into the room,” she recalls. “But it was really fun to work with all of the different finds. I think it allows the spaces to be a true reflection of the clients themselves, and that’s always our goal.”

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