Photo by Taylor King

Designer tip: Dana Johnson on tending to the trends

Returning from the 2018 Spring Furniture Market in Highpoint, North Carolina, Dana Johnson of Decorating Den Interiors shares with inRegister the ins and outs of today’s interior trends. “Hues of blue are still dominating the market as the key ‘pop’ color for interiors, with splashes of greens running a close second,” she says. “The pale blush color and bold floral prints seen on the runway for a couple years now are also making their way into our interiors.”

While such awareness of the newest trends is key in keeping an updated interior, Johnson advises that homeowners use them carefully. “I always design with the idea of longevity in mind,” she says. “In my experience, clients get tired of the bold trends much faster.”

The thing about trends is that they are ever new, quickly dating that bold floral chair you just had to have. “My word of wisdom is to try the trends in small doses,” says Johnson. “Adding a bold throw, pillows or even unique accessories can certainly give your room a wow factor without leaving you committed to a trendy look.”

Johnson advises investment in timeless pieces for long-term staples such as upholstery, wood furnishings or custom drapery. She says, “Classic design is always in style and on trend!”

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