The Good Stuff: Your guide to choosing the right hardwood, sponsored by Thomas Building Company

Floor maintenance is crucial for longevity and aesthetic appeal. Refinishing is key, adding protective layers like water-based polyurethane, known for scratch resistance and eco-friendliness. It dries quickly and comes in various sheens. Oil-based polyurethane offers durability but has stronger odors, taking a day to dry. Moisture-cured polyurethane combines qualities of oil- and water-based finishes, excelling in humid conditions. Wax, a traditional finish, provides smooth surfaces but requires multiple applications. Shellac dries fast and creates a shiny stain, yet it offers minimal protection. Varnishes and blending resins provide water, UV, and abrasion resistance with various finishes. Choose finishes with added protectants like UV and water resistance, scratch resistance, color stain, and moisture resistance. Learn more about custom flooring.