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Turn up the volume—inRegister is now on TikTok

We get it—the world of magazines can be mysterious. Where do our ideas come from? What actually happens at a photo shoot? And what goes on at our issue release parties? Sure, we’ve been posting the highlights of each month’s stories on our Instagram and Facebook pages through the years, but as for the real behind-the-scenes stuff, we figured it was about time we hitched our trailer to the most popular social media hangout in town: TikTok. 

Fear not! You’ll still be able to find us on our usual platforms, but be sure to follow @inregister to be the first to know about special content we’re creating just for TikTok (no viral dance routines required—yet). We can’t wait to see you there.

P.S. – Since we’ve been scrolling through the newest trends, we thought we’d share some of our recent TikTok finds in the world of interior design in this piece from our inRegister@Home newsletter.