Design by Rachel Cannon. Photo by Jesse Preza

5 interior design trends taking over TikTok

Avid social media users probably remember the rise of the “luxury apartment tour” on TikTok in 2020. While they defined many interior design lovers’ dreams for their future homes, design trends on TikTok have changed a bit. The modern, minimalistic home we all dreamed of is still on trend, but a more relaxed approach to this aesthetic has been popping up on TikTok—and right outside our windows. 

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In a complete 180-degree turn from the contemporary-leaning design trends of the 2010s, antiques have made their way back into interior design. 

Southern homes in particular seem to be leading the trend, welcoming antique furniture as a statement pieces. Unlike the neutral themes and monochrome colors that have become synonymous with luxury living, the aesthetics of antiques generally deliver added doses of color and personality, as seen in the antique-meets-modern flair of Sara McDaniel of Simply Southern Cottage’s home.

At a time when uniqueness seems rarer than ever, with design choices often led by industry leaders rather than our own taste, antiques still manage to distinguish themselves as one-of-a-kind options for a truly-you home. 

@kristinascollective We’re still in love with how our design for this new build turned out in Materra. The dark cabinets, beautiful honed stone backsplash and killer windows and lighting make for a statement we can’t get over. What’s your favorite part of this kitchen?! #dreamkitchen #kitchendesign #interiordesign #louisianadesigners #materrabatonrouge ♬ original sound – Kristinascollective

Dark meets light

Neutral colors will always have their day in the sun—but this year, darker stains and paint colors are finally finding their way into kitchens across TikTok. In this kitchen designed by Kristina Petit of Kristina’s Collective Interiors, dark blue kitchen cabinets maintain freshness against and white stone backdrop, white countertops, and plenty of natural light from tall, uncovered windows.

@rclinteriors A room fit for a diamond 💎 #rclinteriors #classicfreshsmart #interiordesign #interiordecor #bridgerton ♬ original sound – rclinteriors

Art Deco

Some interior designers have decided to pump the brakes on moving too fast into the future. Instead, they’re moving back into a design trend that made headway in the 1920s. 

Curved furniture, intricate wallpaper, bold shapes and gold details are just a few of the design elements that make Art Deco modern yet distinguishable, and you can see it in some of the design elements used here by Rachel Cannon of Rachel Cannon Limited Interiors, from the starburst mirror to the soft lines on wallpaper. 

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Textured walls

As predicted by Liz Lovery, a TikTokker creating content about design trends and home renovations, plain white walls might be a thing of the past—for now, anyway. Instead, look for visual and tactile interest through brick, wood or lime-wash paint, a technique that may also tie into 2022’s fondness for vintage vibes given its prevalence in ancient Rome.


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Traditional home plans

Open-concept floor plans have been popular for a long time, with living rooms blending straight into kitchens, which blend straight into dining rooms. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them, either—but if you’re one of the millions of people who found themselves working from home during the past few years, you might have found yourself yearning for a bit more privacy, and the comfort four walls can bring.

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