Photo by Kleinpeter Photography

In Character: Mae McGuffery

CONSIDERING, she has a special dedication to senior citizens in our community and she puts all of her energy toward making their lives more full. She has a genuine smile and caring eyes, and she recognizes the needs of others.
CONSIDERING, she learned first hand about Alzheimer’s disease when her beloved mother was diagnosed with it. When her mom needed additional care, McGuffery committed herself to learning as much as she could about disease. She began volunteering at Alzheimer’s Services of Greater Baton Rouge to help others and to raise awareness.
CONSIDERING, she believes that volunteering truly improved her quality of life. “When my mother was ill, I became so stressed that my doctor warned me I needed to make a change. Volunteering made the difference. Helping others gave me comfort.”
CONSIDERING, she credits her giving nature to her mother who, with a gift for cooking, helped throughout her community by dropping off meals. “My mom was an awesome person. And she made great sweet potato tea cakes.”
CONSIDERING, she is very involved in Star Hill Church, where she helped organize the KeenAgers Ministry—a group for senior citizens that includes her church and seven other congregations. She stays up-to-date on all the resources in the community for the elderly, and she gets them involved. “We love to load up the van and take the senior citizens out. You can really see such a difference in their lives when they have a chance to meet and greet other people and form relationships.”
CONSIDERING, she recognizes that troubled youth in the area need guidance, and she is determined that the senior citizens can help. She is creating opportunities for the older to mentor the younger through schools and activity centers.
CONSIDERING, she has also been involved in Straight to the Heart Outreach Ministry, the American Red Cross, Youth Oasis, Boys Hope Girls Hope, Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and Families Helping Families, among many others. Some of her awards include The Golden Apple award from Volunteers in Public Schools, an Angel Award from Alzheimer’s Services and the Polaris Award from Greater Baton Rouge Panhellenic Council.
CONSIDERING, she believes the Bible’s teaching that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. “I want to be one of the few as far as laboring is concerned.”
CONSIDERING, she loves to show others love. “We are all purposed and directed to love each other and we should reflect on love being an action word, where compassion is shown, needs are met, courage is demonstrated and problems solved.”