Tennis is a multi-generational affair for Lisa and John Scalise and their family. Photo by Heather McClelland.

From the April issue: Tennis serves up a beloved pastime for Baton Rougeans

Even though she hadn’t picked up a tennis racket since high school, Lisa Scalise discovered after joining a beginner’s league that the sport might just make a comeback in her life.

Scalise isn’t alone. Baton Rouge, with its mild winters and flat landscapes, makes a perfect arena for tennis culture to thrive, with plenty of adult and children’s leagues and a place to practice in just about every area of town, even developing a sense of “home courts” where regulars rule the roost.

To find out more about Scalise’s family and how the sport has influenced the lives of other Baton Rougeans, check out our story from the April issue of inRegister, available on newsstands now.