Photo courtesy BRSO.

What to do this weekend: BRSO’s Bachtoberfest

OK, most of us may not be able to perform a concerto for two violins in D minor, but we can hold a bratwurst and a beer in two hands at once, and that’s really all that’s required at the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra’s Bachtoberfest—that, and an appreciation for some of the finest violin shredding this side of the 1750s.

This fourth annual favorite will feature David Torns as conductor, Borislava Iltcheva and Aaron Farrell on violin, and Brian Shaw on trumpet (here’s to you, you underrated Telemann), plus the opportunity to purchase bratwurst and drinks.

Hosted on the lawn of the Main Library at Goodwood to ensure social distancing, the evening will play on from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, which means enjoying the music in the dreamy, pre-electric vibe of the composers’ own time, and ideal for packing a picnic or your own libations (perhaps a grog straight from ye olde German pantry). Come for Johann Sebastian Bach, stay for Handel, Telemann and Vivaldi, and leave with the fresh realization that you have upped your cultural education.

Get tickets and more details here.