Red Stick Spice Co. Photo by Raegan Labat.

Socially distanced experiences to try around Baton Rouge

The rise and fall of seasonal temperatures can almost seem as wavering and uncertain as the phases of COVID-19. But fortunately, this new year is equipped with exciting experiences to brighten our days with the added bonus of soaking up some additional pre-spring sunshine. Below we’ve listed a few experiences to enjoy this season while remaining socially distanced and emotionally sane.

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1. Arbor Day at Burden

Stepping out into nature while assuming the role of an arborist for a day can satisfy one of our childhood dreams of becoming a tree surgeon—even if our arboriculture skills haven’t yet been sharpened.

2. Sweet Crude Live at Beauvoir Park


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This tucked-away outdoor venue is a piece of paradise for those looking to escape and experience the harmonious tunes of the New Orleans bilingual band Sweet Crude.

3.”Experimental Light: Alyce Simon & Eva Lee” Exhibition

Entranced by the lights of Alyce Simon and Eva Lee’s works, this exhibition at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum reveals the the magic of artistry and science combined.

4. Basel’s Market Food Truck

If there’s any cure for the seasonal blues it’s Basel’s Market Food Truck. If you’re looking to take a relaxing stroll along the University Lakes or Perkins Rowe while munching on a roast beef special, then Basel’s Market is your truck.

5. Red Stick Farmers Market

The Red Stick Farmers Market, operating on Thursdays and Saturdays, makes for a wonderful way to support local businesses as well as gathering ingredients to try out those cooking-hacks you've been spotting on Tik Tok---that nifty tortilla wrap hack in particular.

6. Red Stick Spice Cooking Classes


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If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we all could use a little refresher course in the kitchen to liven up the same recipes we’ve been using for years. Red Stick Spice Co. has us covered with their private cooking classes, virtual and in-person, for anyone looking to get their hands dirty.

What activities have you and your family been up to this winter? Let us know in the comments below.