REFIT aims to transform minds, bodies and souls through fun exercises and energizing music. Photo via REFIT Revolution.

REFIT Experience Tour brings holistic fitness to Baton Rouge this Friday

When it comes to working out, the primary focus most often lies in efficiently achieving observable results in appearance and physical health. The REFIT program takes fitness a step further, promoting mental and spiritual wellbeing alongside physical activity.

This Friday, March 2, Baton Rouge will welcome the return of the live REFIT Experience Class (formerly called Master Class) fitness tour at the Bethany Church Warehouse from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The tour is led by the program’s founders Angela Beeler, Catherine Ballas, and Emily Field, who travel to cities across the country to lead classes in a unique mind-body-soul experience.

Claire Harvison, who leads regular REFIT classes at Southern Oaks Athletic Club here in Baton Rouge, says the Experience Tour workout is especially geared to impact the mind and heart. “I can’t explain it,” she says. “People are moved. Its subtle. The music is so intentional and uplifting.”

With encouraging music and beats behind simple, powerful movements, the workout is meant to serve everyone from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. “Fitness for all, fitness for the willing,” says Harvison. “People in wheelchairs can even participate. They come and do it at their individual level, and they feel accepted and welcomed.”

In addition to the night class, participants can come early for a chance to meet and engage with the founders from 6 to 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, the team is also offering an all-day instructor training from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Harvison says she hopes people will take advantage of this opportunity so that more REFIT classes can be brought to gyms and organizations throughout Baton Rouge. Currently, classes are offered at both Southern Oaks and Woman’s Center for Wellness.

“When we get certified, we are taught to build community and make an impact,” she says. “REFIT is all about community and friendship.”

To learn about REFIT, visit and watch the Founders’ Video here

Tickets for Friday’s Experience Class can be purchased here for $15 or at the door for $20. Click here to purchase tickets for Saturday’s training course, which includes the cost of the Experience class.