Photos courtesy Lexie Polito

Party-planning panache: Lexie Polito takes celebrations seriously

Jolting awake in the middle of the night, Lexie Polito’s mind is racing with inspiration for her next over-the-top celebration. Details from the cake to the invitation come together as her imagination runs wild incorporating classic ideas into modern themes.

“I think you know you love to do something if it’s what you wake up thinking about at night,” says Polito, the creative mind behind the clean-lined parties of the @lexie_land Instagram account.

And while these late nights were formerly reserved for planning parties of her own, lately her free time has been spent helping others craft picture-perfect (and post-worthy) events.

“For me, party planning is a creative outlet,” explains Polito, who also works 9 to 5 as a marketing director. “I didn’t plan on starting a business, but people who had been to parties like my annual Christmas party started asking me to help with their events.”

Now, with numerous seamless celebrations under her belt, Polito is becoming a pro when it comes to “branding events,” as she laughingly refers to her version of party planning. However, she has no plans to leave her day job, which she says gives her an edge in the planning process.

“Planning parties is a lot like what I do in marketing, just more fun,” says Polito. “Essentially what I’m doing is branding. I’m just branding an event instead of a company.”

Thus, a party invitation comes to act in the same way as a company logo by establishing a color scheme, font and design that should continue throughout. For this reason, the creative process behind the invitation cannot simply consist of choosing from a catalogue of overused options. Rather, Polito advises using companies that allow, and assist with, total customization. This enables an event to reflect the personalities and interests of the individuals for whom the event is being thrown, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for both guests
and hosts.

“I want to create something different,” explains Polito. “Details are what I’m about, so I do a lot of brainstorming with friends and companies to come up with new and out-of-the-box ideas.”

From clever rhymes to perfected centerpieces, Polito’s hard work is evident in her so-called “labors of love,” thus emphasizing the true purpose of celebrations. According to Polito, the most important thing to remember when preparing for a party is the people that it is for. While the many elements that make for a Pinterest-approved event will certainly make for pretty pictures, the party is about making memories with the people who make life worth celebrating.


Perfect the first impression: The invitation is the first thing guests see and should therefore set the tone for the entire party. Polito suggests customizing as much as possible, and she says to always send real invitations instead of Evites. Not only do many people still delight in snail mail, but the physical invitation also serves as a keepsake.

Find a font and stick to it: Extending from the invitation, Polito explains that the key to a clean and cohesive look is to use the same font from the invites in all the party elements. Adding matching banners and signs allows the theme to flow throughout the party space while creating a personalized look.

Be inclusive, not exclusive: In planning a couple’s baby shower recently, Polito made special efforts to incorporate the male guests into her party plan in order to yield a fun experience for everyone, not just the women. By choosing the theme “Fairytales and Cocktails,” Polito was able to bring all the frills of fairytales while still making the event unisex with knights and of course, signature beverages.

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