Photo by LeeKay Photography.

Promenade through the posies at this weekend’s Flower Fest at Pointe-Marie

Anyone who has binged the Netflix series Bridgerton (raises lace-gloved hand) and The Big Flower Fight might’ve glimpsed a common thread between the two: a luxuriant and abundant display of flowers. One person who can attest to this is Amy Dighton of Clover Creative Agency. After finishing both series, Dighton could imagine one of Clover’s clients, Pointe-Marie, to be just the Bridgerton-esque place to promenade, picnic and serve as the spot for a brand new flower festival. After getting the green light in early March, The Flower Fest is gracing Pointe-Marie’s square this Easter weekend, April 3-4 with a statewide floral competition.

“I wanted a place where we could show off something about Louisiana that’s not just food and drinking,” says Dighton. “We are creatives, we have beautiful flowers down here, and the festival is something that would put us on the map for a really good cause, since it raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” 

The Flower Fest will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Dighton assembled a team of women to plan a completely new and inventive event that celebrates everything floral.

“I’m planning this with my best friend Katie Guitreau,” says Dighton. “She’s a horticulturalist and she does events, and luckily she was obsessed with the idea. Then I called my friend Meredith Cooper who owns Forage—she and Diane Mouton of Fat Cat Flowers in New Orleans are our floral directors who hand-selected the competitors and lined up our celebrity judge, Sarah Campbell; she’s been on CBS, NBC and Netflix. We also have Jay Ducote and Liz Koh as judges.”

One step on festival ground and you’ll be handed a bubbling glass of Champagne courtesy of Bubble Tap. You will also be pampered with opportunities to take part in workshops like a bow-tying class given by Blanc Box. And if you show up completely braid-less and without a flower crown—don’t even sweat.

Air Salon and Blow Dry Bar is going to put floral braids together for people, and flower crowns will be for sale,” says Dighton. “Basically, everything you buy other than food is being donated to St. Jude’s.”

Once the competition has finished, the “Louisiana Promenade” Gala will begin. Guests will be serenaded by violinists to the music of contemporary pop, surrounded by Bridgerton-inspired decor (plenty of Regency-inspired couches and columns to satisfy). And of course, it wouldn’t be a floral-themed gala without blossom-inspired food.

“It’s going to be a different kind of festival, because it’s all about the experience,” says Dighton. “Saturday’s the day of the gala and the selfies and the workshops. And then Sunday is like the second chance to see it all before it disappears. So after church or your Easter egg hunt, come out here, bring your own blanket, and have a little picnic stroll.”

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