Fitness Crawl is back; Benefits of coconut water

Fitness crawl is back

Local gyms and fitness studios are teaming up to offer free or donation-only classes for new clients during the second annual Baton Rouge Fitness Crawl. Eighteen studios and three healthy eateries are taking part in the event, which is scheduled for Monday, June 15, through Monday, June 22.

“The Baton Rouge Fitness Crawl is the perfect opportunity for not only area studios and gyms to come together, but for the Baton Rouge community to get out, get moving, and try something new. Whatever your interest or fitness level, you’ll be able to find a class during the crawl that will get you moving,” says Maryam Diaab, owner of OpenBarre and organizer of the event.

Online registration for classes begins June 8. Get complete details here.

Benefits of coconut water

Whatever you workout style this summer, consider trading in those sugary sports drinks for something more natural. Celebrities and athletes have already hit the coconut water trend and they’re singing its praises. The liquid in the center of the fruitnot to be confused with coconut milk or oil is low in calories and high in potassium.