Photos courtesy Shout! Studios, Off the Fence, WestEnd Films, and Ultra Film Distributors

The Baton Rouge Jewish Film Festival begins tomorrow, March 9

The movie industry may have undergone a few fluctuations during the isolating era of COVID-19, but moviegoers have remained constant throughout, always ready to sit down, lower the lights, and lose themselves in the screen. Now, Manship Theatre is celebrating the cinephile spirit by playing host to one of our city’s most unique cultural tributes: the Baton Rouge Jewish Film Festival.

Currently in its 16th year after its postponement in January, the festival will screen four films on March 9, 12 and 13, each one highlighting the traditions, culture and stories of Judaism or the Jewish experience. From a harrowing documentary to a classic Yiddish romance, each film celebrates life’s complexities while bringing together the multicultural masses of Baton Rouge.

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