Photo by Kleinpeter Photography

Baton Rouge Assembly Ball

The Baton Rouge Assembly hosted its 56th annual ball November 23 at the Raising Cane’s River Center. The debutantes presented were Bailey Reynold Minsky, daughter of Yvonne Rousset & Louis Minsky; Elizabeth Gibbens Braymer, daughter of Lorilin & John Braymer; Victoria Chiles Hearin, daughter of Charyl & the late Dick Hearin Jr.; Autumn Mathile McCowan, daughter of Autumn & Charles McCowan III; Elissa Nicole Nunnally, daughter of Dr. Donna & James Nunnally; and Anna Lemoine Keller, daughter of Dee & Stephen Keller Sr. (front row); Lauren Kate Field, daughter of Lauren & Robert Field Jr.; Ann Marie Barfield, daughter of Nan & Thomas Barfield Jr.; Madeline Savoie Richard, daughter of Virginia & Patrick Richard; Mary Josephine Surek, daughter of Katherine Surek & Dr. Christopher Surek; Mary Frances Pugh, daughter of Mary Elizabeth McCurdy & Francis Pugh II; and Elizabeth Margaret Armstrong, daughter of Mary Beth & Keith Armstrong (middle row); Eleanor Anne Seiter, daughter of Dr. Liz & Patrick Seiter; Jeanne Adelle Daniel, daughter of Jeanne & Dr. Chaillie Daniel; Carolyn Elizabeth Coulter, daughter of Ann Coulter & John Coulter II; Margaret St. Denis Ortego, daughter of Dana Brown & Paul Ortego; and Allison Elizabeth Meador, daughter of Eleanor & Thomas Meador.