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We’re getting back into shape with Activate: Central’s Wellness Festival

When you think of Louisiana, treats like beignets, crustaceans and gumbo might come to mind. But our state’s culture isn’t all about the decadent foods—with a wealth of outdoor vistas waiting to be explored, we have a myriad of opportunities around us to lead healthier lives. Knowing what those are and feeling comfortable taking those steps might be the first roadblock that keeps us from moving forward, but that’s where nutrition coach Kylee Arnold of Arnold Nutrition Coaching comes in.

With a plan to bring together a variety of wellness opportunities, Arnold aims to highlight the ways Louisianans can get moving and eat quality foods with this year’s Activate: Central’s Wellness Festival, a new event happening this Saturday, May 1, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Central, hosted by the Central Chamber of Commerce

“I’m a local nutrition coach in Central, and I’ve always had a passion for health and wellness. My life goal is to have a healthy influence on the lives of others,” says Arnold. “I feel like as a community, we just have so many opportunities when it comes to overall wellness, so I really wanted to highlight that and bring companies together to see what their opportunities are.”

If you’ve ever tried a group fitness class, you know the first day can feel extremely scary. “What if this isn’t for me?” “Will I even want to keep doing it?” Arnold hopes to banish these thoughts from our minds as she gives people the opportunity to try them out in the most welcoming environment possible.

“I wanted to bring some gyms together to get people active and show them what they can expect,” says Arnold. “So they can do the workout, see what it’s about and meet some of the other gym members and the coaches. That way they’ll feel a little more comfortable making that first step and becoming part of a community.”

After recently becoming a mother, Arnold knew how important it was to make this event family-friendly.

“We’ll have five different gyms doing community classes. Most of them are kid-friendly, so the kids can join in,” says Arnold. “We’ll also have a kids’ obstacle course from Cheeky Monkey’s Party and Place, and BREC will be out there to help educate kids about the park system and other ways that people can stay active.”

The event will likewise feature heathy-cooking and meal-prep demonstrations from local businesses like Mighty Meals and Fully Fit Meals, and will showcase an array of local businesses focused on leading healthier lifestyles, something Arnold is enthusiastic about showing the community.

“I just want to create energy in the community,” says Arnold. “I’m excited for people in and around the area to come and see what there is to offer, that there really is something for everyone in the community.”

Find out more about the event here.