Sommelier: Elizabeth Spencer

Like an IPO for your senses, Elizabeth Spencer Sauvignon Blanc is an offspring from the merger/marriage of cult wine distributor turned vintner Spencer Graham and his business partner and wife Elizabeth Pressler. This wave-of-the-future venture has run the table with its organic, small quantity production sauvignon blanc. It’s vibrant, delicious and food friendly with a terrific quality/price ratio.  Elizabeth Spencer is a light, bright Loire Valley-style white wine endowed with fresh white peach taste and wonderful aromas of honeysuckle and morning dew. In the spring and summer, there is no more refreshing and charming choice than this easy-to-drink, easy-to-enjoy California sauvignon blanc.

Going public? Probably not. So stop by Mestizo Louisiana Mexican Restaurant, where Elizabeth Spencer Sauvignon Blanc is served BTG. Owner/executive chef Jim Urdiales pairs it perfectly with his gourmet grilled shrimp creation Camerones. This soft and balanced Special Cuvée takes on the heat of the chilies, complements the green mole sauce and excites even the most discriminating palate.