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Be mine: Insta-worthy local Valentine’s treats

This is a public service announcement: No longer are the days where discount-store cards and small cardboard chocolate boxes with puppies plastered across the front will properly fill the Valentine void. Rather, in the age where ultra-Instagrammable items reign supreme, the goods that fill February’s Hallmark holiday have to be out of the ordinary and almost too cute to eat.

Fear no more–we’ve rounded up the best places to grab the photo-worthy Valentine’s Day treats that will make your kids or significant others feel especially loved come February 14.

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Sophisticated but still fun is the mark of Katia Mangham at Gourmet Girls. This Valentines treat is what dreams are made of with Champagne chocolate ganache.

Sugar cookie hearts all packaged with string are perfect for kids to give one another or to throw in a lunchbox.

Starting February 8 and running through February 14, all Rotolo’s locations are offering heart-shaped versions of any of the restaurant’s pizzas.

“I know from personal experience that the fastest way to someone’s heart is with pizza, especially when it’s Rotolo’s pizza,” said Mitch Rotolo Jr., vice president of research and development. “Flowers and candy are unoriginal. Unlike a heart-shaped pizza, which is really special and unique.”

Puns have a special place in our heart so we can’t get enough of these cookie sets. Would you pick the nachos or the gems?

Create a simple but meaningful gift for your girlfriends with a bottle of rosé, a cute card and a great cup.

Signed, sealed, delivered, we think this cookie should be yours.

Think of it this way, this treat counts as a healthy snack because it’s primarily a strawberry.

These chocolates look a lot different than the ones we used to get from the drugstore! Boxes of these sweets-turned-masterpieces are available at Gourmet Girls.

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