Duck Mansurs, a popular item at Mansurs on the Boulevard, features mild-flavored White Pekin duck meat. Photo by Jenn Ocken.

From the March Issue: The wild side of dining

The convenience of the modern age has nearly obliterated the need to hunt animals for food on a weekly basis, but here in the South, the gamey presence of wild boar, rabbit and duck is never too lowly for a high-class menu. Several Baton Rouge restaurants pride themselves on incorporating game meats into their repertoires, providing diners a taste of wild Louisiana otherwise relegated to a hunting camp or family table. Chef Chris Motto of Mansurs on the Boulevard, for example, is no longer a stranger to carving up a wild boar to create chili, tasso or even an Iberico-style ham.

“Our guests were very receptive to everything we made with the boar—they were surprised that it didn’t have a gamey flavor,” he says in one of our March cover stories.

Restaurants like Maison Lacour have been doing this for years, since wild game is a classic element of French cuisine. From pheasant to partridge, venison to quail, even hunters can experience these meats in a way they might not be able to in their woodland camps.

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