Women with a Cause – ‘Giving back’ is more than a mantra for these nine extraordinary ladies

The stories flash by on the nightly news in a blur. War. Poverty. Disease. For many people, that’s just where these problems remain: safely removed from real life by the protection of a glowing screen. But the nine women inRegister spotlights as this year’s “Women with a Cause” chose to become a part of the story—to get their hands dirty and to help create some good news for a change.

For many of these inspiring individuals, the call to contribute came from situations close to home: from the grief of losing a child to cancer, from the struggles to care for a spouse with Alzheimer’s. Others felt drawn to helping those who could not help themselves. Whatever the reason, each woman responded by taking the first step toward improving lives, improving our community and, yes, even improving our world.

Even with fast-paced careers and busy families, these ladies have spearheaded and followed through on big charitable efforts. They all agree that anyone can make a difference. Says honoree Rachel Rackley Howell, “Do not be afraid of something just because you believe it will be hard or that you will fail. We are all called to do our part, no matter how big or small. … And the rewards are more than you can imagine!” (Photos by Jeannie Frey Rhodes)

Jeanne Atchison
Alzheimer’s Services
of the Capital Area
Dede Ferrara
Children’s Health Issues,
Type 1 Diabetes
Jodi Golden
Friends of the Animals
Baton Rouge
Chanler Holden
St. Lillian Academy
Rachel Rackley Howell
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Janet Leslie
The JL Foundation
Janice Pellar
The Janice H. Pellar Creative
Arts Entrepreneurship Project
at the LSU College
of Music & Dramatic Arts
Laura Poché
Hope Ministries
of Baton Rouge
Chandan Sharma
Sharing Shores