Seasonal changes

As we turn the page on our calendars—many of us, electronically—to welcome the month of June, we have no choice but to fully embrace the summer season in south Louisiana. Although officially not summer until June 21, we experience the elongated dog-days season as soon as schools get out and heat indexes approach the stifling zone. Here, this starts around Memorial Day and ends whenever it sees fit.

Daylight is mercifully longer, making it harder to find an excuse to not walk or run around the neighborhood when one gets home. The traffic is lighter, with thousands upon thousands of school-related drivers enjoying their summer respite. Getting dressed and out of the house in the morning is expedited thanks to lighter, easy-to-coordinate clothing. One must always be mindful of taking along a jacket or sweater for the arctic blast sure to be experienced in every office building or shopping center.

As the seasons change, so do we. It’s a good reminder that it is never too late to make a career change, go back to school, or follow a passion. Not one to let grass grow under his feet, Martin Flanagan is orchestrating his own change of season. Creative director of the firm X-Design, Martin experienced a major midlife change when he launched his singing career and put out his first CD at the tender age of 61. His creative burst is sure to inspire you, no matter what date is on your birth certificate. Read more about this fascinating man on page 20.

Also sure to inspire is our story about the brave young people living with the often-debilitating autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis. In the midst of everyday pain, they are fulfilling dreams and living normal, productive lives. Learn more about this on page 33.

I hope you will enjoy this slower-paced season with shorter to-do lists and longer sunny days. Take time to consider a change you would like to make in your own life—whether it be a career shift or a new hobby. There are many in the pages of this issue that will show you that if you can dream it, you can do it!