Rani Whitfield – Family physician; aka Tha Hip-Hop Doc

Fashion inspiration
Hip hop artist Common: He’s hip-hop, but with class.

What I’m looking for now
A sleeveless orange puffer jacket

Prized possession
My music collection. I own everything from Frank Sinatra to Lil Wayne.

My style in five words or less
Organized confusion

Signature fragrance
Clive Christian #1

Worst fashion memory
Wearing parachute pants and a Panama Jack shirt to a party in high school!

Must-have product
Clippers to maintain the beard and low haircut

Favorite designer
Robert Talbot

Daily uniform
Scrubs and Nike tennis shoes

Best fashion advice I’ve received
Slowly weed out your pants with pleats.

Last thing I purchased
A vest for my tuxedo

If no one were looking, I’d wear
A smoking jacket and an ascot