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After years of envisioning your backyard oasis, when the time comes to transform those dreams into reality, the process deserves careful consideration. Guided by owners Derek and Bradie Duplessis, the Duplessis Builders team is dedicated to the meticulous design of custom-built pools that seamlessly blend beauty, durability, and functionality. Derek Duplessis provides insight into what to expect during the pool-building journey, ultimately resulting in complete satisfaction and years of enjoyment from your investment.

  1. Design Consultation & 3D Visualization

During this initial phase, an experienced design team collaborates with you to craft a custom pool design that seamlessly integrates with your environment and mirrors your individual style. Delving into your pool usage preferences, whether it be for leisurely lounging, sports activities or incorporating a diving board, the team ensures these aspects influence the overall design. After settling on the particulars, the team transforms the concept into a vivid 3D visualization, offering you a comprehensive exploration of every detail before the construction phase begins.

  1. Excavation & Steel Reinforcement

Expert technicians initiate the excavation process, meticulously preparing the site for construction. The installation of a robust steel rebar framework guarantees structural integrity for years to come. Anticipate a timeframe of 1-3 days for the completion of this crucial step.

  1. Gunite Application

Skillfully shaping a blend of cement, sand and water is the next step, bringing the envisioned pool design to life, inclusive of any special features or intricate details. While the overall process requires 1-2 days, the gunite material itself necessitates 21 days to cure properly, emphasizing the importance of refraining from plastering before this period. Although it might seem like swift progress, this marks the transition to precision work. Adhering strictly to cure times ensures that materials uphold their intended durability.

  1. Tile & Coping Installation

Moving forward, the next step involves adding tile and coping, elevating both the aesthetic charm and functional aspects of your pool. This is the phase where Duplessis truly distinguishes itself from other local pool builders, showcasing an exceptional commitment to detail. The product used to adhere tiles to the pool shell also demands its own curing period, emphasizing the necessity to refrain from submersion until 14 days post-installation.

  1. Decking & Landscape

Duplessis Builders provides a range of decking and landscaping choices, spanning from stone pavers to sophisticated decking and lush greenery. The installation for basic decking typically requires a few days. However, when opting for pavers, a minimum of two weeks is needed after the concrete decking has completed its curing process.

  1. Plumbing & Electrical

Licensed professionals meticulously install the necessary plumbing and electrical systems. Employing long-radius elbows and 2.5-inch pipes, they guarantee the system maintains optimal flow, ensuring sufficient water supply to the various water features.

  1. Final Touches & Pool Start Up

Before unveiling the final masterpiece, the team conducts a comprehensive inspection. The pool startup process includes tasks such as balancing water chemistry, installing essential equipment, and providing the homeowner with thorough education on pool maintenance.

Bringing 20 years of construction expertise, Derek Duplessis ventured into the pool industry in 2020. He says having a pool has brought his family closer together, and he is passionate about bringing that same experience to others. Connect with Duplessis Builders online or via phone at 225.268.4702.