Charbroiled oysters

Grilled on the half shell with an elixir of butter, cheese and herbs is, hands down, Louisiana’s favorite way to prepare an oyster in the modern era. Mansurs on the Boulevard makes a sumptuous version of the dish. Its platter of charbroiled oysters, prepared in full view behind the mahogany bar, is one of the top sellers here. “We can go through 1,000 oysters a night,” says Executive Chef Chris Motto. Once shucked, the bivalve is topped with a combination of melted butter, hot sauce, dry white wine, salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and Parmesan. It only takes a minute or two over the flame for the delicacies to curl and signal completion. They’re delivered to the table with a side of French bread for sopping up the savory puddles left behind in each empty shell.

5720 Corporate Boulevard
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