Castello Banfi Centine

Italy’s twisting Tuscan hills, nestled between the Tyrrhenian Sea and Apennine Mountains, cradle the ideal microclimate to cultivate the world’s best Sangiovese grapes. The fusion of this particular grape along with centuries of wine-making tradition and Renaissance flair are the critical ingredients for Super Tuscan wines. And these Italian rebels don’t adhere to Italy’s strict wine classification system. Instead, they are crafted for our international palate—a palate beyond simply Sangiovese.

This month’s pick is the 2009 Centine from the estate of Castello Banfi. It’s a Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend that has the strength of Bordeaux, the elegance of Burgundy and the charm of the historic Ponte Vecchio.

This smooth sweet cherry-pie red has enough balance and sufficient structure to satisfy the connoisseur. It’s easy to drink, easy to buy ($15) and easy to pair with any Italian dish. But to feel the aura of Florence, go to DiGiulio Brothers Restaurant, where Roman-hearted proprietor Richard Cole serves Centine BTG.

Scott Reis is a venture capitalist whose prior investments include Churchill’s Cigar and Wine Bar as well as Grand Cru Market and Wine Cellar. E-mail Scott at [email protected].