Argentina – Seen through the eyes of…Cathy Coates and Brian Hales, Carole and Charlie Lamar, Kate Short, and Jeff Lord

We travel as a group together every year. We’ve been all over the world together. This trip, we went to Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Salta, Tilcara, Purmamarca and more in Argentina.

Legado Mitico in Salta; Urban Suites Recoleta and the Fierro Hotel in Buenos Aires.

There are parrillas everywhere.


Loose travel pants that can “grow” with you; a long, lightweight scarf in case of a chill, dust or forgotten sun hat.

Evita’s grave in Buenos Aires.

The Purmamarca market had the highest quality and greatest diversity of products.

Drive north from Tilcara toward the Bolivian border—it’s beautiful and remote. And if you’re lucky, as we were, you’ll land on a great local festival (Tres Reyes in Humahuaca).

First-class tickets for the 8.5-hour flight from Miami.

Sheraton Iguazu. The hotel was not very nice, although the location inside the park and near the waterfalls was great.

There is great wine in Mendoza.

Take a day trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay by fast ferry. The trip takes an hour. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site known for colonial architecture in its historic district. We didn’t get to do it—next trip!

Argentina has interesting culture, history and natural beauty. The people are friendly, and their infrastructure is modern. It’s very easy to travel. No tour package or guide is needed.