A colonoscopy could save your life. Here are 5 reasons to schedule one today.

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Even if you’ve never had a colonoscopy, it’s still extremely likely you’ve heard about the procedure, which is a screening test for colorectal cancer. Dr. Matthew Rolfsen with The Baton Rouge Clinic says this screening is considered the gold standard because not only can it detect cancer, but it can also prevent cancer from ever developing in the first place.

Dr. Matthew Rolfsen

Colonoscopies are now recommended beginning at 45 years old – a change from the previous recommendation of age 50. Below, Rolfsen shares his top reasons why everyone ages 45 and older should schedule a colonoscopy now.

  1. If any cancer cells are present, a colonoscopy can help your doctor find them and remove them before it’s too late. After cancer is confirmed, it’s very important for surgery and oncology appointments to be scheduled as soon as possible so the patient receives the treatment he or she needs before the cancer spreads to other parts of the body.
  2. Your colonoscopy could come back normal. A normal colonoscopy could provide peace of mind instead of fearing that something might be wrong. About 75 percent of the time, no polyps are found during a colonoscopy. Those patients can wait 10 years without scheduling another colonoscopy.
  3. A colonoscopy is easier than ever. The biggest complaint doctors hear from patients is regarding the bowel prep. This involves drinking a strong liquid laxative the night before the procedure to clean out stool so the doctor can get a better view of the colon wall. The volume of the prep is much lower today – 32 ounces instead of the previous four liters of prep liquid – and the consistency has been improved making it easier to get down. A colonoscopy is also incredibly quick. The average procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes, and patients receive anesthesia, so they don’t remember anything. The recovery is about an hour, making it a very easy, same-day procedure.
  4. A colonoscopy is a great way to establish care with a gastroenterologist. So many people suffer from constipation, acid reflex and other issues and don’t have a relationship with a GI doctor. Establishing care with the doctor who performs your colonoscopy is the perfect way to start that relationship and finally address any other issues that are causing discomfort.
  5. A colonoscopy could save your life! With timely colonoscopies, you can prevent colon cancer from ever developing. Colon cancer doesn’t develop overnight – it begins with small growths called polyps in the colon. By finding those polyps and removing them during a colonoscopy, your doctor can prevent cancer from ever developing.

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