Photo by Carolynn Seibert.

See your wedding in the pages of the inRegister Weddings issue

Have you picked up a copy of our 2020 Weddings issue? This year, we changed things up and put couples in the driver’s seat with personalized wedding announcements. The 33 features, which put on display everything from the details to the first kiss, aren’t just for the newlyweds and their families to enjoy, however. They have a way of making a special day live on forever for complete strangers–everyone from the freshly engaged to dreaming little girls–thanks to the inspiration they provide.

Thanks to the wonderful success of this year’s format, we will be continuing paid wedding announcements in inRegister’annual June Weddings issue going forward. Starting now, we are inviting couples–or the people who love them–to purchase announcements, thus ensuring their place in the minds of inRegister readers forever.

Couples from all years (not just the prior calendar year) will have the chance to display their favorite photographs that perfectly sum up their day and their love story. Choose a one-page announcement or share even more details with multiple pages. Find pricing and more information here.

We are excited to enhance our issue and grant greater visibility to the weddings and couples that make Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas so incredibly special. If you are interested in joining the inRegister Weddings tradition, visit the submission page here.