The Women's Wedding Society founder, Morgan Leger Belello. Photo by Butterflies of Hope by Katelyn.

Meet the Women’s Wedding Society

Raise your hand if you know someone who got engaged over the holidays. Now that we all have our hands up, let’s talk wedding preparation.

The months leading up to the big day are full of decisions that cause more tension than they should. From finding the perfect dress to coordinating with a dozen or more vendors to bring a vision to life, planning a wedding is no small feat. Chatting with other soon-to-be brides and local industry experts can help relieve pre-wedding anxiety, and that’s exactly what Morgan Leger Belello was thinking when she started the Women’s Wedding Society.

Twice a month, the Women’s Wedding Society hosts meet and greets for engaged couples to connect with society members, various wedding vendors and others throughout the community. Each meeting is held at Lauryn Hope, a wedding and event venue owned by Belello.

The Society is a group of more than a dozen locally established wedding professionals, including florists, photographers and event planners who can bring it all together so all couples have to worry about is saying, “I do.”

“Our meetings contribute to the creation of a supportive community where women in the wedding industry can connect, collaborate, share resources and uplift each other,” says Belello. “At these events, we can answer any questions these couples may have, provide inspiration and really get to know each other.”

The Women’s Wedding Society is hoping to add more events, including workshops and themed gatherings, in the future. “We want to actively promote the Society to reach a broader audience of wedding professionals and engaged couples and also eventually collaborate with industry experts for educational sessions on trends, best practices and innovations in the wedding industry,” says Belello.

For more information on the Women’s Wedding Society, click here.