Photos by Caitlin B Photography

Anatomy of a bridal portrait: Photographer Caitlin Hebert talks tips and tricks

A wedding might be about the couple, but the pictures are really more about the bride. The dress, the bouquet, the hair, the makeup. With so much consideration put into each detail, immortalizing it with photography is a no brainer. However, according to wedding photographer Caitlin Hebert of Caitlin B Photography, getting the best shots isn’t as simple as snapping a few right before the bride walks down the aisle.

“I always tell brides to put aside time to get pictures of themselves in their dresses,” Hebert says. “In my experience, dedicated bridal sessions help to make the bride more comfortable on her wedding day.”

These dedicated photo shoots allow the bride to do a true trial run with hair, makeup and sometimes floral vendors, while also allowing her to get comfortable in her dress and with the overall look. “I’ve had brides change their hair or makeup after seeing the pictures,” Hebert recalls. “It gives you a chance to make sure you have what you want on the wedding day.”

But beyond the aesthetics, Hebert says the time alone helps brides savor the time leading up to such a big moment in their lives. “The wedding day itself really does pass quickly,” she notes. “Portraits give you that time to relax and enjoy being a bride.”

Tap the picture below of Hebert’s past bride Taylor Gonsoulin for all of Hebert’s tips and tricks for nailing a bridal portrait.