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We’re going back to basics with August’s color of the month

As Labor Day peeks over the horizon, we’re embracing the simple shade of white as our color of the month, lest the fashion police flag us down for inappropriate post-holiday hues. Read on to see some of our favorite selections from local boutiques (though we might have to break some rules and wear these looks year round).


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This all-white look from Hemline makes for a casual-but-classy dinner outfit. After all, sticking to a monochrome palette is one of the quickest ways to instantly look put together, while contrasting fabrics add interest and texture.


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A little Southern flair comes in the form of these handmade magnolia earrings from Clay Corner. They’re bold enough to make a statement, but versatile enough to pair with just about anything.

Afraid that a lack of true color makes for a bland palette? Think of it this way: a skirt set like this one from Blink becomes a simple base that allows accessories to shine. Pair the pieces together, or style them separately.

This romper from Bella Bella is a summer staple that celebrates the fleeting moments of the season. Slip on a simple sandal or pair of sneakers for a more transitional look.


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With back-to-school season upon us, a practical pair of sneakers is a must. When the look of Air Force Ones begins to grow stale, maybe look into trying something new, like this pair of Golden Gooses from Aria.

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