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Throwback Thursday: 1960s-inspired fashion for fall

This fall, ditch the drab and revamp your wardrobe with pieces inspired by fashion’s most vibrant decade, the 1960s. Whether you are a Jackie or a Twiggy, take a cue from the trendsetters of the time and opt for the adventurous side. Infuse your wardrobe with bright colors and tailored silhouettes for fun yet flattering looks that are sure to transform your closet and your attitude as temperatures slowly begin to drop. Bold touches, such as a flare leg or bell sleeve, are simple yet stunning ways to channel the free spirited attitude of the 1960s. The key to modernizing these retro trends is making them your own. Mix items from your current wardrobe with a few 1960s-inspired statement pieces to create looks that put a new twist on your own personal style.

“For a 1960s look in today’s fashion, incorporate the cropped flare for a modern twist to the bell bottom,” say Lukka Boutique‘s Michele Percy and Ashley Minsky. “Top it off with a fun leopard or paisley printed top for a complete 1960s-inspired look.”

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