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Your summer guide to swimsuit shopping with Amy Radle of La Mer Luxury Swim

Despite the fact that Louisiana weather may have us unboxing our sweaters for a random April Monday, summer is just around the corner, ladies. Close your eyes and let that sink in for a minute. Imagine yourself laid out by the pool, the smell of barbecue wafting over the backyard. Or on the beach, a salty wind ruffling your hair, piña colada close at hand. Escaping, for a much-anticipated vacation or maybe just for an afternoon, enjoying the sun and the sky and the feeling of freedom called to mind by the word summer. 

But first, of course, comes the inevitable, oft-dreaded task of swimsuit shopping. For some of us, this reminder is enough to have us crawling back under the blankets to hibernate until winter. Or at least rigorously adding extra reps to our workout routine.

According to Amy Radle of La Mer Luxury Swim & Resort Wear, however, the secret to feeling great in your swimsuit has much more to do with what’s going on in inside than outside. “It’s about confidence,” she says. And confidence is not necessarily found in extra sit-ups, she promises.

Radle offers a few pieces of expert advice for the suit shopper:

1. Keep an open mind.

“So many women come in with a specific idea of what they want, because that is what they have worn for years. Remember that styles change and so do our bodies. Also, swim on a hanger can be very deceiving. Try everything on, and, chances are, you’ll find something totally unexpected that you love!”

2. Carve out some time.

“It’s usually at swimsuit number eight after an hours of trying it on multiple times that I find ‘the one!’ Fifteen minutes is not long enough to truly search and secure the most flattering fit, and you’ll only leave frustrated and disappointed. Give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to try on everything.”

Now, the fool-proof guide to finding the perfect suit for you. 


For strategic curves: Jets Swimwear by Jessika Allen’s Ultraluxe Bandeau Bikini Top & High-Waist Bikini Bottom

What is great about this suit is its ability to cover a common problem spot, the lower belly, and to cinch at the waist, cutting a flattering figure for several body types. Well-endowed on the back end? This suit provides more coverage and is able to hold you in, while also emphasizing those curves in all the best ways. It paradoxically also flatters women who are less curvy, creating the illusion of an hourglass figure. Plus, the structure of the top provides support and shape.


For ultimate coverage: Curvy by Capriosca Swimwear’s Navy Blue Zip-Front One Piece with Frill 

A bestseller at La Mer, Radle promises that this piece looks good on everyone and keeps sizes 6-18 in stock at her store. For the woman most comfortable covered, but still wanting to feel stylish and feminine, this piece is a no brainer.



For a slim build: Pily Q’s Copper Reversible Seamless Wave Bikini

For women with slimmer figures, it is often suggested that they lean toward more decorative suits to draw more attention to their curves, adding shape and/or the illusion of shape where possible. This suit is great because its copper sheen combined with the scalloped edges draws interest and contour without becoming overbearing. A bonus? It’s reversible!

For upper body support: Jets Swimwear’s Aspire Panelled High-Neck One Piece

There is nothing less confidence-ensuring than feeling as if your body parts are on the verge of spilling out at any moment. A classic confluence of sexy, edgy and supportive, this paneled suit holds you in in all the best ways and still makes room for just the subtlest peek of skin. Its thick, structured panels keep everything exactly where it is supposed to be, leaving you free to run, hop, and dance as you please.

Learn more about La Mer in our “10 Questions” interview with Radle last year, and be sure to visit their website and Instagram for more of their offerings.